Why Do You Need Advanced Leather Protection Services in Sydney?

Leather is advertised as a highly durable and magnificent looking natural material that is popularly used to make everything from furniture to apparel. And its sturdiness is quite impressive. Other natural materials like cotton or faux leather tend to fray and lose their lustre eventually, while leather just gets better with age. It’s one of the few upholstery materials that will develop a patina over time and will continue to look visually appealing for a long time.

That being said, leather isn’t completely immune to rough use or harsh natural elements. Without timely and advanced leather protection, your leather will succumb to the perils of time.

Why is Leather Protection Important?

There is a common myth that modern leather doesn’t need to be treated. And this causes long-term damage to expensive leather furniture. Advanced Leather Protection in Sydney is crucial to help leather age beautifully and protect it from all kinds of wear and soiling.

Originally, the leather was part of the skin of an animal and their body secreted natural oils that kept it soft and supple. As the leather no longer belongs to an animal, it’s essential to recreate this process to keep the leather in great condition.

What happens if the leather is left unprotected?

Leather is a porous material that’s susceptible to absorbing all kinds of dust particles, debris, grime, bodily fluids and other contaminants. These particles act like tiny abrasives and over time, erode the surface of the leather. Without Advanced Leather Protection, your leather will be subjected to an extensive range of damage.

Even if you are the most careful user and take every precaution, there isn’t a foolproof way to keep your leather safe from damage. Spilled drinks and sweating are just a couple of things that can leave nasty stains behind. Leather protection services also help with future cleanups. Applying a protective coating ahead of time will make it easier to remove tough stains later on.

Furthermore, the lack of timely leather protection will leave the fibres brittle and dry. When left unprotected for a long time, leather will crack and split, leaving you with irreversible damage. Leather protection also involves conditioning the leather to prevent it from hardening and to restore its softness.

Which leather protection method is suitable for my furniture or car seats?

A wide variety of leather is used to make different furniture, car seats and so on. Therefore, the protection method and product will depend on the type of leather. Understanding the leather type is the best way to find the correct protection method and products. For instance, if you own a couch with Aniline leather upholstery, then it would need more protection than pigmented leather. This is because Aniline leather is much more natural-looking and less resistant to soiling.

It’s always recommended to test the product on a small section to ensure it won’t cause any damage. Make sure you check customer reviews and ratings before purchasing any products. DO NOT use olive oil or other household items to condition the leather. Such products can speed up deterioration. If you don’t feel confident about applying protective coats yourself, it would be best to consult a professional for leather protection services.

Hopefully, this post helps you realise the importance of regular leather protection. Leather is by no means a cheap material that can be replaced frequently. Instead of neglecting leather protection services, keep with routine care to prevent the leather from feeling and looking horrible.