Keep your leather sofa looking showroom-worthy with our leather cleaning and restoration services. Over time and with use, your leather furniture can end up looking ‘worn’ or ‘ratty’ from the body oils, stains and sweat left behind after we sit on it. Simply wiping leather furniture with a cloth won’t help either, or in some cases, can make it worse! All our furniture leather cleaning Sydney technicians are able to correctly identify your leather, clean it to remove all the stains, and if needed, restore it back to its original glory.


Leather upholstery, panelling, and other leather accessories on boats are exposed to rough marine conditions such as the strong Australian sun, harsh sea water & resulting stains, and in some cases rapid changes in temperature. And with a boat being a major investment of time and money, plus an understandable source of pride, it only makes sense that you’d want to make sure it’s properly cared for and cleaned. The good news is that you can avoid unsightly cracking in your leather with a qualified cleaning and conditioning process. And even better, our professional marine leather cleaning services can do it all for you. So you can spend more time on the water enjoying your boat, and less time cleaning & maintaining it.


Leather upholstery inside airplanes and helicopters can be subject to a variety of harsh environmental conditions, which can cause quick drying, cracks and stains in your leather. It’s also prone to superficial damage from passengers, cargo and of course, time. Because of the heavy demands of aircraft leather upholstery, plus the regulated nature of the industry, it’s understandable that aircraft leather is expensive to buy and install. Which is why our professional aircraft leather cleaning services are able to ensure your leather stays pliable for long-lasting performance and looks great too by removing stains, abrasions, and scuff marks. This means you can avoid expensive refit costs and can instead simply restore your interiors on site with a professional leather cleaning process, while your plane is already grounded for regular maintenance.


Car leather, while hard-wearing, still needs proper cleaning and conditioning services if you want it looking its best and feeling soft and supple to the touch. Leather car upholstery can be notorious for cracking and discoloration, thanks to the heavy use and the often-high temperatures the inside of your car can reach. And, if you want a good resale price for your vehicle, it’s even more important to ensure the cleaning of the leather, so it looks good as new. Our professional leather cleaning technicians are experts at properly cleaning and restoring luxury leather interiors in a range of cars and we’re also able to match leather colours perfectly.

Leather Cleaning Services:

  • Home Leather Care
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Repair & Restoration
  • Leather Colouring & Tinting
  • Car & Boat Leather Cleaning
  • Commercial Leather Care
  • Office Furniture
  • Lobby & Lounge Seating
  • Restaurant & Cafe Seating
  • Theatre Seating
  • Bus Seating
  • Aircraft Seating
  • Gym Equipment

FACT: You Can’t Protect or Restore
Leather Without Cleaning It First

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Experience Deep Cleaning With Our Hand-Made Leather Cleaning Solution

Leather Clean has developed its very own, hand-made organic leather cleaning solution.
With carefully selected additives chosen to create a gentle, yet thoroughly cleaning solution, it’s also:

  • Child Friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-allergenic
  • Organic

Here’s Why We’re Regarded As Sydney’s

Trusted Leather Cleaning & Restoration Experts

Raja Devine, one of the ‘original masters’ of Australian leather cleaning, quickly became known throughout Sydney for the masterful restoration work she was capable of. Key to this success was her ability to accurately create colours from scratch which faithfully matched the existing leather. This leather matching process is known as tinting.

This made for flawless leather cleaning and restoration work which left clients astounded. It wasn’t in fact new leather they were looking at. Since then, Raja has continued providing amazing leather cleaning and restoration services to the residents of Sydney, and trains other leather cleaning technicians in her methods.

Attention to Detail

We understand that body oils have the biggest potential for causing damage to your leather, and it’s why we try to understand your lifestyle, such as how often your leather is used, and even your dietary and medication needs, to choose the best leather cleaning option available. We don’t guess, and we don’t treat any leather cleaning requirement like it’s the same.

Leather Clean: One of the Best Leather Furniture Cleaning Company in Sydney

Leather Clean is regarded as one of Sydney’s most respected leather furniture companies because of its exceptional services and quality job. With years of experience in the leather cleaning industry, we have devised innovative methods that clean the leather fabrics to its core and restore its unique charm. We use the best cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, environment friendly, non-allergic, ensuring your leather furniture not only looks good but feels comfortable to sit.

Our highly experienced cleaners come to your place, thoroughly inspect the furniture and clean it to achieve the best possible results. Whether it is a sofa, lounge in your home or chairs in the office, we are trained to handle jobs of all services. From cleaning, repairing to restoration and protection, we do it all.

So, what are you waiting for? Revitalise your old, cracked leather and make it look like new. We work efficiently. Call now for a free quote!

“People often think they are adequately cleaning leather furniture by simply wiping it with a cloth… typically the same cloth from the kitchen. But this just builds a layer of grime, rather than remove it.” It’s also advisable to avoid such clothes to prevent staining.

  • For all leather types. Different types of leather require different leather cleaning treatments. We’re experienced with all types of leather and cleaning processes.
  • Experienced. We’ve seen and fixed a wide range of leather cleaning issues before. We can quote accurately and start leather cleaning work confidently.
  • Hand-Cleaned. We don’t use machine cleaning tools because they might not clean your leather properly or, conversely, scrub too hard and remove the seal coat on your leather and strip it’s colour. No leather is alike, which is why we always choose hand cleaning for the best results.
  • Respectful. We return calls, double-check dates and times, and make sure we’re clean and respectful while cleaning your leather. Professional leather cleaning service with professional results. If we can’t help you, or we think you don’t need our services, we’ll tell you.
  • Cleaned Properly. DIY leather cleaning kits create two main issues: they often aren’t right for your leather or they aren’t used properly for cleaning. We have the right leather treatment and tools, and we know how to use them.
  • Convenient & Easy. We come to you for cleaning and restoring your leather on-site, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of coming to us.
  • Quick. Most leather cleaning jobs can be finished in a few hours because we don’t over-wet your leather and we’re experienced enough to know what to do straight away.
  • Like-new Restorations. We can create any custom colour to ensure your leather restoration service is flawless and looking like new. No one will know that your leather has been restored—and even you might forget!
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s what others in Sydney have had to say about using our leather cleaning and restoration services.

“We have a boat we take out on the weekends and the interior cabin was looking a bit dated. We considered re-fitting it but found Leather Clean first and thought we’d try them. All the cracking and discolouration has disappeared and it looks as if we’ve got all new leather inside. Saved thousands and I feel good about keeping the old leather now, as it’s really soft. We’ll definitely have Leather Clean come out regularly to keep it maintained… I feel like we’ve got a new boat!”

Scott, Cremorne

“I thought our sofa in the living room was beyond help—but Leather Clean made it look brand new again. It saved me having to pay another couple of grand, so the husband and I are as happy as can be!

It was super convenient that they came to us because the sofa would’ve been quite a hassle getting down the stairs and into the car.”

Viv G, Collaroy

“I was selling my car and wanted the best price, so I got Raja and her team to restore the leather interiors, steering wheel, and gear stick. It looked like a car straight from the dealership when it was finished. They completely fixed the scuffs on the steering wheel! I couldn’t believe it and I’m so glad I got Leather Clean’s help.”

Wendy, Beacon Hill

“I have 3 young kids and they’re always getting the leather dining tables and our couch dirty. The dog sometimes accidently scratches the couch too when he gets excited. The team at Leather Clean came to our home and fixed all 6 of our dining tables plus cleaned and restored our couch in the one day. Our couch is black, and I was worried it would be obvious it was ‘fixed’, but I can’t even tell where the marks originally were. I’m impressed.”

Bet Campbel, Dee Why

Practical Expertise Repairing and Restoring All Types of Leather

  • Tears

  • Rips

  • Scratches

  • Scuffs

  • Burn & Heat Marks

  • Unsightly Stains

  • Faded Colours

  • Peeling

  • Cracked

  • Rough Surfaces

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