Marine & Boat Leather Cleaning

Removing tough stains can be extremely challenging, especially when they have been left unattended for long. If those stubborn stains and spills have ruined your boats, yachts or cruisers leather upholstery and accessories, let us clean it efficiently to get it back to looking great again.

Our leather experts specialise in marine leather cleaning. We clean, maintain and care for leather furniture, panelling, and accessories on your boats so that you have an enjoyable experience in the water.

Our team of leather experts are fully equipped with adequate knowledge of cleaning different types of leather and have years of experience in the same.

Marine Leather Cleaning & Repair

We understand the tough conditions marine leather is exposed to. High humidity, heat, water, soiling, the sun can cause the leather furniture and coverings to dry and crack. That’s why marine leather requires specialised cleaning and protection.

Our experts, at Leather Clean, use hands-on techniques and hand-made cleaning products to ensure your leather seats and covering look as good as new.

We aim to provide clients with the best service that money can buy. From highly trained leather experts to the best marine leather cleaner, we are equipped with the experience to make a difference in the industry.

Give your boat a fresh and cleaner makeover by hiring our leather cleaning experts.

Marine Leather Restoration Services

Our qualified experts can restore, refurbish, re-colour and repair virtually any type of damage to marine leather. We do everything to ensure your cruiser always looks at its best.

Whether stains have spoilt the look of your yacht’s sofa or excessive heat exposure has caused damage, we can help. We have been offering marine leather restoration services for years. Our attention to details and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are the reasons why we are the most recommended service in Sydney.

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Boat Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Although some types of leather are engineered to resist mildew, prolonged moisture can get inside your upholstered items and causes smelly mould growth.

The only way to avoid extensive renovations, in the long run, is to employ regular cleaning of upholstered surfaces. At Leather Clean, we work diligently to give your boat upholstery the chance to live a new life, again.

Whether it’s your boat’s leather sofa, seats, or other upholstered accessories, we have the skills and experience to turn them into tip-top condition.

See the impressive difference our services make and enjoy your excellent boating experience with professionally cleaned leather upholstery. Your boat deserves the kind of clean that exudes self-esteem, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Boat Seat Re-colouring & Restoration

Wet, salty bathers, exposure to humidity causes boat leather upholstery to show signs of wear and tear. So how can you maintain leather interiors, leather lounges and furnishings?

Professional leather upholstery maintenance and repair is the key factor in cleaning and preserving your boat’s leather upholstery. Which is what we, at Leather Clean, do.

Our services are aimed at offering specialised leather care and repair for your boat. Whether the harsh Australian sun has led to the discolouration of your leather lounge or the seawater is the reason for cracks in your leather furnishings, we can fix it.

Our boat leather cleaning experts can adequately clean and restore luxury leather interiors in a range of boats, and we’re also able to match back to the original colour of your leather.

If you have any questions about marine leather cleaning and maintenance, feel free to call us.

Practical Expertise Repairing and Restoring All Types of Leather

  • Tears

  • Rips

  • Scratches

  • Scuffs

  • Burn & Heat Marks

  • Unsightly Stains

  • Faded Colours

  • Peeling

  • Cracked

  • Rough Surfaces

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