Leather Sofa Repair Vs Restoration: Here’s What Experts Suggest

When it comes to upholstery, leather promises the best of both worlds- visual appeal and durability. Despite being a sturdy material that only gets better with age, leather isn’t completely immune to damaging external elements. Naughty pets, exposure to sunlight, excessive humidity, direct heat, liquid spills are just a few things that can cause irreparable damage to your leather couch.

Considering that you probably spent thousands of dollars on your leather couch, you can’t just throw it away because it has stained or faded. But a damaged couch will be an eyesore for your interiors and replacing leather furniture can be quite expensive. Luckily, there is a better solution that won’t cost as much. A much more cost-effective option is getting your leather sofa repaired or restored by a professional.

Does your leather sofa require repair or restoration?

Leather is a beautiful material that is vulnerable to all sorts of damage, just like any other upholstery. Here are some ways your leather furniture can damage or lose their visual appeal over time.

  • Fading & Discolouration

    Leather discolouration is a common issue with leather furniture with no perfect way to avoid it in the long run. Various factors like exposure to sunlight, body oils, dust, dirt, rough use can disbalance the leather’s pH levels. This leads to a gradual but noticeable colour loss in leather, especially in dyed leather. Some sections of the sofas are bound to come in contact more than others, which makes such areas fade faster.

    An experienced leather technician can restore the colour of your leather couch. They will either replace only the faded sections or dye it a completely new colour that you prefer. Professionals also buff the leather furniture to bring back its shine.

  • Spillage & Staining

    A leather sofa is not just a piece of home decor that won’t be used ever. Whether you enjoy entertaining or spending your free time on the couch, spills are inevitable. Wine, coffee, unsuitable cleaning products, paints, varnish and even water can stain your couch.

    Professional leather cleaners have special stain removing products and techniques to effectively remove all kinds of stains. They also apply protective coatings to prevent future stains.

  • Burns

    Did you leave a candle in the wrong spot and it singed your couch? Burn marks are particularly apparent on neutral coloured leather furniture.

    Leather experts remove the burned portion in the upholstery and replace it with a new patch. This patch is dyed to perfectly match the rest of the couch.

  • Mould & Mildew

    A humid environment or excessive moisture in your leather sofa can cause it to develop mould and mildew. This will not only ruin your pricey sofa but can also cause allergies and other respiratory issues.

    Using suitable cleaning products, expert leather cleaners wipe away mould and mildew.

  • Rips & Scratches

    Unattended pets, especially new pups never leave the furniture alone. They may scratch and rip leather furniture.

    Leather technicians use precision leather repairs to fix minor rips and scratches.

  • Cracks

    When leather is attached to an animal’s skin, they constantly moisture it by producing natural body oils. The right amount of moisture is essential to keep the leather fibres hydrated and flexible. If you neglect routinely conditioning your leather furniture, it will start cracking.

    A professional for leather restoration Sydney will dye your leather furniture to minimise cracks. If the cracks run deep, they may fix them with leather fillers.

  • Dirt Build Up & Scuffing

    Without weekly cleaning, leather accumulates dust particles that act as tiny abrasives and start damaging the surface. Dirt build-up also spoils the visual look of the sofa.

    Professional leather cleaners use commercial-grade cleaning products to wipe away all dirt and debris from leather furniture.

  • Broken Stitching

    Aggressive use can break the stitches and seams of your leather upholstery. An expert can easily hand stitch any split seams.

  • Sagging

    The leather cushions are bound to get saggy after years of use. The filling flattens, leaving your leather couch in an awkward shape.

    Experienced leather technicians can restore your leather sofa’s shape by refilling its cushions.

Can I DIY leather sofa repair or restoration?

You can easily do routine leather cleaning and take preventive measures. But repairing a singed leather couch or cracked leather ottoman is probably beyond your expertise. You may end up causing more damage. Leather dyeing or any other leather repair and restoration are best left to professionals.

Is leather sofa restoration or repair worth it?

The best way to figure out whether leather sofa repair or restoration is worth it is by comparing the repair or restoration cost with the cost of replacement. For instance, if your leather sofa has faded or has a stain, then getting it restored by a professional is an economic solution. On the other hand, if the sofa cushions have huge rips and the frame is on its last legs, then maybe buying a new couch is the wise decision.