How To Clean a Leather Couch Like Professional Leather Cleaners?

Whether your house has contemporary or traditional interiors, leather furniture is a classic option that goes well with all styles of interiors. They are a timeless addition that can make the simplest of home or offices look glamorous and luxurious.

But all this opulence comes at a cost. High-grade leather furniture is expensive, especially in comparison to fabric sofas. That being said, leather furniture is worth your money as it can last you a lifetime. Fabric sofas will start fraying, faux leather won’t offer satisfactory tear resistance, while leather furniture will only get better with age.

Regular and proper cleaning plays a key role in ensuring your leather furniture retains its newness in the long run. In this post, we are sharing how professional cleaners clean leather upholstery. Let’s get started.

Removing Dust & Debris

Professional cleaners start by removing dust and debris from the leather. Accumulated dust and debris can erode the surface of the leather and cause gradual but noticeable damage. They use a microfiber or cotton cloth dipped in suitable cleaning products to wipe away dust particles. They thoroughly clean every inch of the furniture, including the backside. Additionally, they also remove any crumbs in between or under the cushions that might have been overlooked.

Removing Stains & Scuffs

Leather is a porous material that is vulnerable to staining. From ink to coffee, leather can easily stain, especially the lighter shades. If you’ve spilled anything, make sure you immediately dab the affected area with a clean cloth to minimise the damage and consult an expert.

Professional cleaners use special stain removing products to easily lift the stain without discolouring or damaging the leather. The product is directly applied over the affected spot, left for a few minutes and gently wiped away. The stain removing treatment also depends on the type of stain.

Removing Odour

Sweat and other bodily fluids can penetrate leather furniture and make it smell bad. Professional cleaners apply leather deodorant and leave it to dry to eliminate foul odours.

Removing Mould & Mildew

Excess moisture and high-humidity can develop mould or mildew on your leather furniture. Not only can these pests be damaging to the furniture but can also impact your health. An expert thoroughly cleans the leather with an effective cleaner and ensures the furniture is completely dry to prevent future infestation.

Cleaning leather furniture may seem easy, but people often fail to clean between and under the cushions. Furthermore, using harsh chemical or ill-advised homemade solutions can cause irreversible damage to your precious leather goods. Whether you’ve spilled a drink on your leather couch or your leather ottoman is looking dull, get in touch with professional leather cleaners to restore their original condition.