How Do Professional Cleaners Clean Leather Couch to Make It Look Brand New?

Leather has long been a popular choice for furnishing. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing couch for your living room or sophisticated chairs for your commercial space, leather furniture should be on the top of your list. This natural material continues to be a superior choice than other fabrics for sofas, lounges, ottomans, car seats and more.

The versatile visual appeal is one major aspect that attracts furniture shoppers. Leather is a timeless material that goes well with all styles of interior design. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Leather only gets more supple and comfortable with time.

One factor that makes people hesitate to buy leather furniture is the cost. The high initial cost is actually not a disadvantage. A piece of leather furniture offers a much better value for money in comparison to other options on the market. Leather can easily outlast fabric-covered furniture, making it more of an investment than an expense.

That being said, the longevity of leather furniture relies on timely and proper cleaning. Leather upholstery cleaning is a tricky business. Take a look at some techniques used by professional leather cleaners to make a leather couch look brand new.

Regular Cleaning

Usually, the leather furniture needs to be cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Professional leather cleaners start by vacuuming every inch of the furniture, especially under and between cushions. Experts then use a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution to gently wipe the surface of the couch in a circular motion, moving outwards.

Stain Removal

Whether you’ve spilled coffee or accidently left a pen mark on your leather furniture, you need to act fast. Get a clean cloth and start gently dabbing the spot. Don’t make the mistake of vigorously rubbing, which can further permeate the stain and make it difficult to remove. You should immediately consult a professional leather cleaner. They apply suitable stain removal products on the affected area to lift up the stain without discolouring the leather.

Odour Removal

Since leather is quite porous, it tends to absorb sweat, pet urine and other bodily fluids. If neglected, your couch will eventually start stinking. If your leather furniture is giving off a foul odour, it’s a sign of deterioration and poor upkeep. You should seek the services of professional leather cleaners. They will apply a leather deodorant liquid to eliminate any bad odour.

Scratches & Scuffs Removal

Whether you have naughty pets or spirited toddlers, leather furniture subjected to rough use is bound to develop scratches and scuffs. Unfortunately, fixing scratches is not as simple as routine leather cleaning. Handing over this task to a professional leather cleaner is convenient. They will restore your worn-out couch using leather rejuvenation products.


All the wiping and dabbing is likely to leave leather furniture dry. Without adequate moisture, the leather surface can crack or split. Professional leather cleaners use a leather conditioner to restore moisture and keep your leather furniture supple. When it comes to leather conditioner, a little goes a long way.

Wipe Excess Away

After cleaning any leather furniture, it’s crucial to remove any excess product. Extra moisture can make your leather couch a breeding ground for germs, mould and mildew. The same is applicable for leather conditioner as well. Too much conditioner will leave a sticky residue and make the furniture uncomfortable. Leather experts ensure the leather surface has the right amount of moisture.