How Do Professional Cleaners Clean Leather Chairs, Sofa and Other Furniture?

Leather is a classic choice when it comes to furniture. Whether you’re redecorating your living room or furnishing your commercial space, leather is a luxe material that makes a room opulent and welcoming. The benefits of leather furniture go beyond their unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Leather is a highly durable fabric that can last a lifetime with proper care. Yes, it can be pricier than other popular upholstery fabrics. But the longevity and timelessness make it worth the expense.

Like most other furniture pieces in your home or office, leather sofa or chairs are bound to lose their original lustre over time. And if you have pets of spirited toddlers running around, then there is no saving leather furniture from all sorts of stains and scratches.

Has your leather furniture dulled down or worn out because of rough use? While you should tend to any spill as soon as possible to minimise the damage, it’s better to let professional leather chair cleaners provide the right care for high-end leather furniture.

How do professional cleaners clean leather chairs, sofa and other furniture? Check out this brief guide.

There isn’t one single type of leather. Different leather varies in terms of texture, durability, sturdiness and finish. Some common types of leather used for leather include full-grain leather, bonded leather, split-grain leather, nubuck leather and top grain leather. These variations in leather can slightly alternate the cleaning process. An expert leather cleaner will make an effort to understand the leather type and accordingly come up with the best cleaning approach.

Overall Leather Cleaning

Most people neglect cleaning their leather furniture regularly. This leads to a build-up of dust and debris. Dust particles act as tiny abrasives that will rub on the surface of the leather and cause it to erode over time. Professional leather cleaners start by thoroughly vacuuming the leather furniture. They also vacuum in between the cushions and other areas that may have been overlooked. Vacuuming is followed up by wiping the furniture with a microfibre cloth to pick up even the smallest of particles.

Inspecting Stains, Scuffs & Scratches

Over the years, leather furniture is subjected to a wide range of damage. Leather cleaners will inspect the whole furniture for stains, scuffs and scratches. From ink stains to wine spills, leather is a porous material that can be difficult to clean without suitable cleaning products.

Targeted Cleaning for Stains

Experienced leather cleaners will use effective stain remover and carefully apply it directly over tough stains. This will easily and quickly lift the stains without damaging the surface.

Thoroughly Drying Leather

Often leather furniture owners use a concoction of soap and water to wash down the leather furniture but fail to properly dry it afterwards. Any moisture residue can make your leather furniture a breeding ground for mould or mildew. Once the surface is cleaned and stains are removed, a professional cleaner will go ahead and thoroughly dry the surface.

Reconditioning Leather

All the cleaning and stain removal can dry out the surface of the leather and cause it to crack. That’s why expert cleaners apply a leather conditioner to re-moisturise it. Next, they buff the surface to restore its shine. The leather conditioner does a wonderful job of preventing future stains. You should also take preventative measures such as keeping leather furniture away from direct sunlight, high-humidity and sharp objects.

Cleaning white leather chairs or any other leather upholstery is a bit more tricky than just using a soap and water solution. It’s recommended to consult leather cleaning experts for fast, effective and safe leather cleaning.