How Professional Cleaners Clean & Remove Stains from Leather?

Be it leather couches at home, clothes, or car leather seats; leather adds a touch of luxury to everything. And although modern leather items are covered with a stain-resistant, protective coating, a spilled drink or oil mark can lead to an unsightly stain.

The best cleaning process for removing stains from leather is by attending them immediately. Read on to know more about the same.

How Professional cleaner Unfinished Aniline-Dyed Leather

Aniline leather is a soft type of leather that soaks stains and dust easily. Since it contains no pigmented surface coating, sitting at your home, it can catch a stain quicker and needs to be cleaned regularly.

Here’s how you can remove dry dirt and stains from unfinished aniline-dyed leather.

  • Using a tampico brush to clean into the leather fibres and loosen the dirt is advisable. Deep clean is required since the dust settles deep inside the leather.
  • Then, wipe off the stain area with a clean, microfibre cloth.
  • Take another cloth and spray some amount of leather cleaner on it. (Only use the product suggested by the manufacturer.)
  • Wipe the surface dust with the damp cloth.
  • Use a big towel to wipe off any leftover cleaning product. Don’t wipe with water.
  • Lastly, let the surface dry before you apply a leather conditioner.

Cleaning Water Stains on Leather Couches or Chairs

Cleaning stained leather can become difficult if you let the stain settle in for a long time. But if you blot the spot immediately, you can save your home leather and a lot of money in the long run.

Here’s how you can remove water stains on leather couches or chairs.

  • Vacuum the surface thoroughly to get rid of any element that can damage the material while cleaning. Use an attachment.
  • Dampen a soft sponge or cloth with room temperature water.
  • Wipe the cloth/ sponge across the leather surface. Rub it from the centre of the water stain outward, quickly. (Don’t scrub.)
  • Allow the leather to dry.
  • Apply a leather conditioner to restore the finish and get a stain-free leather surface.

How to Clean Grease Stains on Leather

Grease stains are the most difficult kind to remove from leather surfaces. As soon as you drop oil onto the surface or notice a grease stain,

  • Soak up as much grease as you can with a soft cloth.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch onto the stain.
  • Rub the absorbent into the leather.
  • Wait for some time. Then, brush off the residue.
  • If the stain is old, you might have to sprinkle more absorbent material and repeat the process more than once.
  • Lastly, wipe the surface with a clean, barely damp cloth.

Removing Ink Stains from Leather Furniture

Use rubbing alcohol as a DIY leather cleaner for removing ink stains from leather furniture. And follow these instructions:

  • Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. (NOTE: If the stains are much more prominent than a few pen marks, use a cotton cloth.)
  • Rub the spot gently in a circular motion. (Use minimal pressure to ensure the leather finish doesn’t fade away.)
  • Let the leather dry off completely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Professional Cleaner clean stains off leather?

Depending on the nature of stains, you can use a lot of products to remove stains from leather.

For general stains, use a leather detergent or soap. Vacuum the surface, apply the product on a clean cloth, wipe the surface gently, and let it dry.

Use water for water stains, rubbing alcohol for ink stains.

For grease stains, blot the stain with a clean cloth, sprinkle cornstarch, rub it into the leather, and vacuum the surface.

How do you get stains out of a leather couch?

To remove a stain out of a leather couch, you need to act quickly. As soon as you spot the stain, treat it immediately. Here’s how to do that:

  • Dust the area with a cloth. If you haven’t deep cleaned the material in long, you can also use a vacuum attachment.
  • Then, dip the cloth in water and ring it out to remove excess water.
  • Rub the damp cloth over saddle soap and wipe the surface entirely.
  • Continue to rub with the cloth until you obtain a spotless shine.

What household products are used by professional cleaners to clean leather furniture?

Several household products can be used to clean leather.

  • A solution of vinegar and olive oil.
  • A solution of dish soap and water.
  • Rubbing alcohol. (Don’t apply it on the leather directly, perform a spot test on a small area with the help of a cloth.)
  • Cornstarch/ baking soda for oil stains.

How the Professional Cleaners clean light-coloured leather?

You can clean stains from light-coloured leather by using a few homemade cleaners. Here’s how to do it.

  • Mix equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar.
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it in the solution. Make sure the cloth is
  • not too wet.
  • Rub the stains to lift them from the surface.
  • Wipe the area with a clean cloth and let it dry.
  • Apply a leather conditioner to make the stain removal process complete.