Common Services Offered By All Reliable Leather Chair Cleaning Companies

Leather chairs are delicate and should be treated with respect. This is why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional for the cleaning, which can be costly if done through traditional cleaning methods. A reliable service will not only take care of your leather chairs but will also treat them with all the love they deserve.
They will clean your furniture without damaging it, without using harsh chemicals or water, and without any risk to you. Here are listed some services you can get when you choose suitable leather chair cleaning professionals.

  1. Repairing of cracks:
    If not treated with care, Leather chairs can be prone to damage. Cracks are a common problem in leather and can be caused by natural reasons such as UV rays hitting the leather or by manmade factors such as excessive use of heat on the chair. You should hire a leather seat cleaner to repair existing cracks before they spread in your chair.
    Prevention is one of the best solutions for this problem. If you want to save your leather chair from future damage, cleaning it regularly with safe and mild detergents will do the trick. Never should you use harsh chemicals on your furniture. 
  2. Water extraction:
    Leather is made from animal skin, so any water present on it can cause deterioration in the leather’s durability and softness over time. The best way to deal with this is by using a professional service that specializes in water extraction to dry your leather chair.
    In this process, excess moisture is removed from the leather’s pores by absorbing materials. If you decide to do this yourself, the process can be very time consuming because you’ll have to use a hairdryer and an absorbent towel for each part of the chair. 
  3. Leather conditioning:
    Leather is known for its durability and resistance towards damage, but it still needs some care from time to time, especially if it’s not used regularly. A professional leather cleaning company will do a good job of conditioning your chair every six months or so. Proper conditioning involves cleaning leather chair with a mild detergent, removing any dirt and dust, and then applying a special leather conditioner on the leather. After that, it’s protected from external factors by using waxes. 
  4. Dark spot removal:
    Dark spots on your leather are caused by various factors, including sun exposure and cigarette smoke. Sometimes these spots can be caused by more serious factors such as constant heaters or acids on the chair. Professionals can easily remove these stains and spots when they do their job on your furniture. 
  5. Colour restoration:
    Leather chairs are made from animal skin, but no one doesn’t know how to restore their original colour once it gets faded over time. Unfortunately, the colour of the chairs is unable to be restored if it was made with a non-natural dye.
    The best solution to this problem is to have a professional restore your chairs’ original colour. It’s a good idea to have them do it every six months or so so that they can remove any stains or spots that  might have been left behind over time.