Best Practices For Cleaning Your Leather Sofa.

It’s nice and lavish to have a nice leather couch in your house. However, with great aesthetic appearance comes great responsibility (pun intended) to maintain. Although leather sofas are the most popular, they are also the most vulnerable to damage and stains. They can, however, survive a lifetime with proper maintenance and treatment.

In this article, we’ll go over some best practices for cleaning leather sofas that you can use.

Pay Attention to the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Check the product tag for the manufacturer’s instructions before washing your leather sofa.

  • A ”W” on the product tag denotes that the cleanser can only be used with water for cleaning leather sofa. 
  • An ”S” or a ”P” indicates that only solvents can be used to clean the leather sofa (dry-clean only). 
  • SW or WS indicates that a solvent cleaner or a water-based detergent can be used. 
  • An ”X” denotes that the surface should not be cleaned with water or detergent and should instead be professionally cleaned.

Use high-quality cleaning supplies.

It goes without saying that you should clean your expensive leather sofas using high-quality cleaning products, to avoid any effect the detergent could have on the sofa. If you use low-quality cleaning products, your leather sofas may develop strange stains and have a rough texture after you’ve cleaned them.

Begin with some soap and water.

To remove light stains while cleaning leather, soak a clean cloth in hot soapy water and wipe the stain away. Darker stains, such as those caused by ink, need to be cleaned in a separate manner. The solution is a cotton wipe dipped in rubbing alcohol. Just make sure you apply it directly to the stain to prevent the alcohol from spreading the stain to other parts of the leather.

Invest In A Leather Cream

A leather sofa’s best feature is its lustrous sheen, which makes it aesthetically beautiful. If you’ve invested in one, you’ll want it to look as good as new for a really long time. This can be accomplished by investing in a leather cream and using it with a clean cloth to re-moisturize the material. The key is to just let the cream soak in before buffing it to a shine.

Don’t Forget to Condition the Leather Sofa.

Make sure your leather sofa is in good shape by conditioning it. Cleaning is only the first step. Deep conditioning will keep your soda feeling and feeling new. With a leather conditioner, you can safeguard a new sofa or soften and moisten aged leather.

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and natural oil (lemon or flaxseed oil work best) in a container and use a cotton swab to gently wipe down the sofa’s surface for a smooth finish.

Know When It’s Time To Contact The Professionals

If cleaning a dirty leather sofa doesn’t work, don’t scrub it — you can actually do more harm than good. Hire professional upholstery cleaners instead. You can easily find local affordable leather sofa cleaning services online. Make sure you hire only experts who know their way around cleaning leather sofas.


Due to their elegant appeal and durability, leather sofas are always trendy. The longevity of your leather sofa is typically determined by how well it is cared for. It’s hardly rocket science: the more time and effort you put into maintaining and cleaning your couch, the longer it will last.