5 Pro Sofa Cleaning Tips for You

Your sofa or the couch you love goes through a lot; even if it doesn’t show any signs of constant usage. You might see little stains here and there, but your couch looks perfectly at you, no matter what. Hey, it doesn’t mean you need to leave the sofa the way it is, but you should take sufficient care of it by regular cleaning and dusting.
We have something that the pros don’t share. Some leather sofas cleaning tips that will help you let your sofa live for longer. 

  1. Dust if off regularly.
    No matter what the sofa fabric is, it needs regular dusting. You don’t have to be too vigorous or too meticulous while doing this. Just try to be simple, get a duster, and do your job. You might think your sofa doesn’t need any dusting, but you should remove the accumulated dust and dirt.
  2. Use the vacuum cleaner.
    We know you are too busy to use your vacuum cleaner these days, but your sofa calls for it. This device is an incredible tool to get rid of all the unwanted dust and let your couch sparkle for visitors. You must have even noticed that your cleaner has a special attachment to do that job. So, don’t let the device gather dust; instead use it for cleaning your sofa, house floors, and walls. You have invested a considerable amount in this machine, and it needs a day-in to do all the cleaning jobs. You can use it fortnightly or even once a month, but you will thank us because your sofa will look brand new. 
  3. Dab the stains.
    If there is a new stain, you don’t have to take your scrubber or a stiff brush to get rid of it. Instead, just dab or blot the stain, and it will be taken care of. Stains are common on the head or armrests, and it is okay. Try to pay attention to these sensitive areas and evaluate them closely. You might notice some stains or dirt (due to the constant resting of hands or back). You can even use a water-based detergent to make them vanish. 
  4. Consider the sofa material.
    All sofas and couches are not the same. There is always a substantial difference that only a professional notices. But you can be a little conscious about the material of your sofa or couch and be selective in using the right cleaning materials and equipment. For instance, leather sofas require the least cleaning solutions; just water, and a cleaner will do. However, delicate fabrics need dabbing with gentle solutions, and nothing harsh is recommended. 
  5. Call a pro.
    If these pro tips do not work in cleaning your sofa, it is advisable to call a reputed sofa cleaning company and get the job done efficiently. You can easily find a good leather sofa cleaner if you are good at researching them. 

We are sure these pro tips will help you in the long run.